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Introduction of welding agent for UPVC pipe

2020-10-16 16:27:27 Jiaxing Nanyi Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Read

ided into three types of low, medium and high viscosity, and its viscosity value is 90-150, 500-1600 and above 1600 in turn.

       Generally, the larger the pipe diameter, the higher the viscosity requirements of the solvent used (to facilitate the painting of large-diameter pipes), and the medium-viscosity solvent has a wider application range for pipe diameters.

       Requirements for commonly used medium and low viscosity solvents:

       One: It should be in a free-flowing state (not a gel), and there must be no delamination and precipitation without stirring;

       Two: There should be no clumps, insoluble particles or other impurities that affect the bonding strength in the welding agent;

       Three: For UPVC pipe, the shear strength of curing 1, 24 and 336h should be: p1≥0.6mpa, P2≥2.0mpa, P3≥5.0mpa (it is British standard, temperature is (23±1)℃).

       Solvents and solvents are all flammable, volatile, and irritating substances, so please pay attention when using them!


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